Tuesday, February 23, 2010

spotlight: sylvia benson

Gleaming gold chains, brightly-colored stones, and statement styles ranging from nature themes to vintage-inspired. We absolutely
love this jewelry! Every style has its own personality, but is distinctly Sylvia Benson. Sometimes you can tell by the stylized flowers and chunky chains, sometimes its the tiny red bead that sometimes acts as the signature of their designer; Katie.

Featured in In Style magazine, Sylvia Benson pieces are not only super chic but made from high quality materials that will last as long as the timeless styles.

Oval-shaped stones in a rich navy hue hang proudly from a thick chain of warm gold. Gold-plated with lucite stones, this necklace features a side clasp closure and two strands approximately 17 and 19 inches in length.

Sylvia Benson Rebecca Earrings

A dark and smokey quartz stone hangs from three golden chain links. These earrings are gold-plated and made with genuine multi-faceted quartz stones.

Sylvia Benson Rose Leaf Earrings


From Sylvia Benson, these delicate drops look as though they came straight off the stem. In shining plated gold, these earrings have an earthy yet elegant charm.

Sylvia Benson Flower of the Month Necklace

A Sylvia Benson classic.
Proudly display the flower of your birth month! Each necklace features a pendant that indicates the month and its corresponding flower in its botanical name.

This necklace has been really popular but is still available in the following months:

If you've never had any Sylvia Benson you're truly missing out. Check out these and so many more Sylvia Benson items are for sale online and in the store!

Don't see what your looking for? Has that one necklace you really wanted sold out? Give us a call and we'll see if we'll be happy to see if we can order more. 828.264.4120

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