Wednesday, April 28, 2010

weekly wink 4.28.2010

With styles ranging from vintage gemstones to
scintillating gold creations, every piece of jewelry

has its own unique style and charm to it.

We love, love, love everything their designer Katie creates!

Sylvia Benson Stud Earrings

$20.40 this week only!
Normally $24

Rounded lucite centers a dainty flower
stud earring plated in gold.

Sylvia Benson Filigree Earrings

$34 this week only!
Normally $40

The meticulously crafted filigree on these earrings
encompasses the beauty of nature through delicate flowers
all surrounded by a leafy frame.

Sylvia Benson Jackson Hoops

$44.20 this week only!
Normally $52

Gold-plated oblong hoops are completed
by a white-dyed jade bead.

Sylvia Benson Kate Earrings

$66.30 this week only!
Normally $78

Quartz faceted broilettes on beaded gold hoops.

Sylvia Benson Hemingway Earrings

$40.80 this week only!
Normally $48

Two arcs of glass beads are displayed beneath
gold-plated chain on Sylvia Benson Hoops.

Sylvia Benson Sophie Earrings

$45.90 this week only!
Normally $54

White beads of lucite are surrounded with
filigree detail on gold-plated posts.

Sylvia Benson All Around Necklace

$47.60 this week only!
Normally $56

A ring of glass beads is a pretty pendant on this
chain necklace of plated-gold.

Browse the webstore for more amazing pieces
from the Sylvia Benson line and take advantage

of our one-week only special of 15% off

all Sylvia Benson earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

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