Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Shoe Trend: Clog Sandals

If the word clog conjures up windmills and tulips, and slight feel of working in factories, fear not, for the shoes have become more fashion than function. The look of clogs has changed drastically but the common ground for all clogs is that they are comfortable, slip on shoes. Since the clog was so popular in fall/winter 2010 it's really no surprise that designers have reinvented it into a sandal for one of the trendiest sandals in spring/summer 2011. Most of these new clogs have wood heels and stapled or riveted leather uppers which are common to a clog.
We couldn't be more excited to join the stores that have caught on to this trend and show you our newest addition to our spring/summer shoe collection: The Seychelles "Hoot"!
Pair these with a great wide leg jean and your favorite cropped top or go with a cropped jean like we have pictured and your favorite bohemian top! These shoes are sure to give you that edge (and not to mention lift) that you need for your summer wardrobe!
~Happy Shopping,
The Glad Girls <3

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